Meet The Govenors
​​As a maintained nursery school, all services provided from the Centre are overseen by the governing body.  The governing body meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the progress and achievements of the Centre, as well as identifying areas for challenge and development.
The governing body is comprised of people from a varying range of backgrounds and experience and includes parents, staff, local authority and Co-opted governors.

  1. Executive Director
    Jodie Hope
  2. Executive Director
    Kerrie Mills
    Chair of Govenors
  3. Executive Director
    Karen Hooper
  4. Executive Director
    Jamie Fagan
    Vice Chair Co-opted Govenor
  5. Executive Director
    Shellie Morris
    Co-opted Govenor
  6. Executive Director
    Lucy Ward
    Parent Govenor
  7. Executive Director
    Benjamin Hooper
    Parent Governor