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Term Dates 2020/21

The Hive and The Nest are open during 51 weeks of the year for paid childcare, closing only between Christmas and New Year (and on bank holidays).


The Centre has 5 staff training/professional development days (INSET days) each year, which result in some or all areas of the Centre being closed.​​​


Our next inset days are:


Friday 23rd October 2020 - Hive & 2 Year Old Funded Places Closed Only


Monday 23rd November 2020 - Whole Centre Closure


Friday 12th February 2021 - Whole Centre Closure


Tuesday 4th May 2021 - Whole Centre Closure


Thursday 1st July 2021 - Hive & 2 Year Old Funded Places Closed Only



INSET Day Information:


Hive Nursery School - There are 39 weeks (or 195 days) in a 'school year' - schools are required to be open for 38 weeks (190 days). The difference of 5 days is used for staff training and development purposes, known as INSET Days.  The maximum free nursery hours entitlement for government funded 2, 3 and 4 year olds is 570 hours per year or up to 15 hours per week.  


Nest (0-2 provision) & Non-Funded Den (2-3 provision) children, will have a total of 3 INSET Days per year.


Hive (3-4 provision) & 2 Year Old Funded Den Children will be closed for 5 days a year in total.