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Letter from Lisa re: Covid-19 Responce



Dear Parents and Carers,


These are very difficult times for us all and we have had to make some very difficult decisions last night and this morning in the light of the very latest Government announcements.  We are now part of an emergency action plan and we have to follow the guidance very closely.


Whilst we understand that every parent would like their child to continue to come to our Nursery, this is no longer possible.

The latest Government guidance to schools and childcare providers is very specific:

“the most recent scientific advice …to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear.  If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading”


We are only permitted to provide emergency care for specific groups of children.  For Haven Nursery this means:

  • Children whose parents and carers are “critical to the COVID-19 response”
  • Vulnerable children – children who have an Education and Health Care Plan already on the Hub, children with child in need plans and child protection plans and children supported by social care currently.


If your circumstances are in these two categories; we will be able to accommodate your child at Haven for the foreseeable future and the admin team will be contacting you directly by email.


However, this will only be possible if we have sufficient staff ratios to do so.  If many of our staff become ill, or need to self-isolate for other reasons, we will have to look again at our numbers.  It may well be that we will need to offer a reduced placement or ask the Local Authority for help, which may mean your child is looked after by staff in a local school.


Obviously we do not want this to happen and at the time of writing Haven has no known cases of COVID-19. In order for us to keep this going I am asking all parents to;


  • Keep your child at home if you can.  This is the only way to protect your family and reduce the risk of the virus spreading
  • If your child is able to access care at Haven, please DO NOT send them in if they are showing any signs of being unwell
  • If you are in our environment PLEASE ENSURE you use hand gel at EVERY door




We are now in an emergency situation and this calls for everyone to work together.  It is not our nature at Haven to not welcome you and your family into our setting.  We are having to follow Government advice to the letter and this advice is changing rapidly so please bear with us.  We will do all we can to stay open for the children in the two categories described.  We will be updating you frequently as the situation develops. Please keep checking your email and the Government advice pages daily:


If your child is at home, we will be putting together some activity ideas for you to try.  We will be updating these each week, so that you have ideas to support you.  We would encourage you to use Tapestry as this is how we will be communicating with you with regard to the activity ideas.  We will also be using the Haven website to support you.  If you have difficulty accessing Tapestry please contact the admin office and they will try to help you.


I would personally like to thank the amazing staff at Haven, who have been working over and above their roles to keep the Nursery as clean, hygienic and safe as they possibly can in addition to caring for your children in their usual way.


We hope that you and your families continue to stay well and we look forward to seeing you all back in Haven once again in the not too distant future.


With Best Wishes

Lisa Holmes