Fees and Terms & Conditions

Information on our current fees can be downloaded here. These have been revised for September 2017 onwards.
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The government currently funds 15 hours per week of childcare for each child (during school term time) from the school term after their 3rd birthday. Additional childcare hours (to supplement the 'free' hours) are available as shown in our published fee structure.
Fees will generally be reviewed each September.
Payment can be made online via Hampshire County Council's secure  e-payments system .  Payment can also be made by cash or cheque.  Please note that fees are payable monthly in advance.  We cannot allow parents to fall behind with their payments, and we ask that you consider your financial circumstances carefully before agreeing to take a paid for place.

​When parents accept or continue to accept a place for their child they are also agreeing to abide by the latest Terms & Conditions.

​Revised Terms & Conditions apply from September 2017.
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Government funded nursery places are generally only available during school term time .  A limited number of places are, however, available all year round via the 'stretched offer' , which is especially useful for working parents who require a high amount of childcare and the ability to spread costs evenly over the year.  Please ask if you require more details of this offer.
Outside of school term time, full day care is available from 7.45am until 6pm for children aged from 6 months to 5 years.  The fees for these places are in accordance with our latest fee structure, and terms and conditions apply.

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