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Our Acorn Room is run by Lead Practitioner, Hannah Martin and supported by a team of highly trained and skilled practitioners. This is a specialist provision which meets the needs of children with Autistic Spectrum Condition or significant Social Communication Difficulties. The room is staffed at a higher adult: child ratio than across the rest of our nursery.



Acorn room provides a highly structured session using specific strategies and a low distraction environment. Children access a range of well-planned interventions such as individual schedules to manage routines, individual target time, intensive interaction, Attention Autism strategies such as bucket time. Communication is supported in a range of individual ways such as PECS and communication boards. Children are taught to access these strategies in a structured environment. There are also opportunities throughout the day for ‘Play to Learn’ time and down time. Children have access to indoor and outdoor environments as well our sensory and soft play rooms.


Each individual child’s journey in the Acorn Room is different. For some children, this intense teaching time is required for only a short period of time before the transition to our mainstream nursery ‘The Hive’. Some children may split their time between the Acorn Room and The Hive. For other children, they may need longer periods of intense teaching and will spend more time accessing all the benefits of the Acorn Room.




Relationships with parents are extremely important to us and we endeavour to always ensure a positive two way communication. We operate an open door policy at all times and encourage parents to talk to staff to share successes, celebrations, queries and worries. Each day you will receive a thorough hand over about your child’s day. We also hold termly review meeting with parents to celebrate progress and set targets for the coming term. This is attended by a Lead Practitioner and SENCO, as well as parents.


If you feel your child would benefit from accessing our Acorn Provision or you have any questions, please do book an appointment to come and meet with us!